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Avmar – Suppliers of Marine Safety Equipment including Hammar H20 Hydrostatic Release Units, Sea-Safe Liferafts, Lifejackets, Lifejacket Lights, Radar Reflectors and Thermal Protective Aids

Avmar is one of the United Kingdom’s leading distributors of Survival and Marine Safety Equipment.

Our knowledge of the Marine Safety industry has been built up over many years on a basis of supplying quality products at competitive prices to many of the major Marine Life Saving companies throughout the World.

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A sample of our product range is shown below:

Hammar H20 Hydrostatic Unit
Sea Flash Lifejacket Light
Thermal Protective Aid
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CM Hammar is the company behind the world famous lifesaving Hammar H20. They develop, manufacture and supply release units for liferafts and EPIRBs, remote release systems as well as hydrostatic inflators for lifejackets. As the market leader they continuously develop state-of-the-art products for safety at sea by unconventional and innovative thinking. In collaboration with their customers they design new products that increase safety at sea owing to their combination of ingenuity and top quality production.

CM Hammar AB, was founded back in 1856 and they have been working with ‘Safety at Sea for almost as long. Hammar has always been located in Göteborg on the west coast of Sweden, in an area with long tradition of shipping and shipbuilding. Here was the home of the East India Company and it has the biggest harbour in Scandinavia.

From Lifejackets and accessories to Thermal Protective Aids and Inflatable Radars, the requirements for Marine Safety Products has never been greater, and finding a supplier who you can trust to supply the highest quality products in this area is critical. Avmar are specialists in this field and have collected together the very best Marine Safety Equipment from a variety of suppliers to give the best choice and selection for their customers. Products are backed with full safety and quality approval notices and these can be viewed and downloaded from our website.

It is Avmar’s hope that you never have to use any of these products, but regulations stipulate that they must be installed and regularly serviced and checked. Avmar would be happy to discuss the specific requirements for your ships and boats and are confident that they can supply the quality products you are need at the very best prices.

Along with Lifejackets, the Liferaft you choose to install on your boat is probably the most important item on your vessel. Avmar supplies a range of Liferafts to suit the harshest of seas to give all people aboard your boat the very best chance of survival no matter what sort of conditions you are encountering. Coastal or Offshore, the Liferafts Avmar supply have been tested, approved and authorised to the very highest level. Customers have the choice of capacity size and self-righting capabilities, and all Liferafts come with warranties.



Have a buoyancy of no less than 50 Newton for the average adult. They are intended for use in sheltered waters where more bulky or buoyant devices would impair the user’s activity or actually endanger the user, and when help is close at hand and the user is a conscious, competent swimmer.



EN ISO 12402 – 4 (EN 395) – 100N LIFE JACKETS

Have buoyancy of no less than 100 Newton for the average adult. The are intended for use offshore or when foul weather clothing is used.




Have buoyancy of no less than 150 Newton for the average adult and are intended for use offshore, or when foul weather clothing is used.




Have buoyancy of no less than 275 Newton for the average adult and are intended for use offshore in extreme conditions, when heavy protective clothing is used, or loads such as tool belts are being carried.


Ships Wheel

Recognition that the equipment fully complies with the requirements of the MED (Marine Equipment Directive) will be denoted by a “Ships Steering Wheel” which must be on all equipment sold to European Community Ships of 500 tons or more in size.




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